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What is the French girl style, and how do you attain this effortlessly chic vibe as an American? It's really quite simple, and it will make your day-to-day dressing 10x easier. I have broken it down - step-by-step - for you below.


1 | French girl style is all about acquiring high-quality, timeless staples that you will have in your closet for years to come. Buh-bye fast fashion.

Pro Tip || Think organic fabrics, such as cashmere, wool, silk and cotton.

2 | Basics. I am a MAJOR fan of keeping things basic. Like the French, I too love myself good basics that I can interchange with a plethora of over garments and bottoms alike. Basics transcend seasons and trends. Basics will not only give you versatility, but they will keep your aesthetic clean and sophisticated. Yes, please.

3 | Logos are a no-no. This one can definitely be hard for me. I do love to indulge in a designer logo now and then. You can still rock designer fashions, but select bags, jewelry, shoes and clothing that are understated. This will keep your look effortless, reserved and classy - remember, the French like discretion.

4 | Neutral Tones. This one is a breeze and 100% innate for me, as I really only stock my wardrobe with neutral-toned hues, such as white, black, grey, taupe, tan, camel, khaki, olive, charcoal, cream, get the point.

5 | Comfort is Key. The French are all for style, but if it's not comfortable, it's out.

6 | No to Trends. They may fancy certain trends and incorporate them into their signature look, but they don't try all the trends. Embrace your own signature look and stay true to it, and yourself.

7 | Fit and Tailoring. Make sure that you know your size. Clothes that fit properly look more put together, and you will instantly look more expensive. You should also know how to clothe and shop for you specific body type.

Pro Tip || Not all ready-to-wear fits every body perfectly...invest in tailoring, it will be your new best friend.


1 | Tees | Preferably 100% Cotton in white, black, tan, and grey.

2 | Tailored Blazers | Wool or Linen in black, grey, white and tan (Navy will work too, if that's your thing).

3 | A Little Black Dress

4 | A Trench Coat | Must-have a tan/beige one in your arsenal.

5 | Silk Camisoles | I feel like a broken record at this point, but make sure that they are in neutral-hued tones.

6 | Well-Fitted, High-Rise Straight Jeans | As long as these are of good quality and fit well, they don't need to cost a fortune for them to look chic. They can be dark blue or white - I also think that you can pass with a light wash or black too.

7 | Button-Down Shirt | This should be white, and you should have several variations and styles in your closet - linen, cotton, washed cotton, silk, as well as different sizes. As one you would wear under a blazer can be more fitted, while when you want to throw on a linen button-down at the beach, you want that to be a more over-sized, relaxed fit.

8 | A Black Leather Bag | You should have a high-quality, genuine leather bag in several sizes - tote, satchel, crossbody and clutch. Remember, you want these to have minimal logos.

9 | Oversized Sweaters | Again, think organic fabrics - merino wool, cashmere, angora or mohair.

10 | Chic Shoe Staples | Think classic black and nude pumps, white sneakers, espadrilles, loafers, low block heels, knee-high boots, booties, flats and flat sandals.

Do you have more questions or need a little more direction? Feel free to reach out to me a




DISCLAIMER || This not sponsored content. My feelings, recommendations and opinions are all my own.


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