my goal is to inspire women to live their best life at every price point.

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Previously - Creative Director // Currently - Full-time Blogger + Stylist




ASU + Cornell 



Ever since I was young, I have had a love for fashion - but then again, doesn't every little girl? I vividly remember wanting to emulate my mother, who's aesthetic and guidance helped mold the taste I embody today. To boot, my father is in the industry, so I was priveed to events as a child, where I would goggle over 'skyscraper gazelles', wishing that one day I could grace their world. 


Fast forward to 7 years ago, working at Calvin Klein in their Special Events Department - it was the first time I was fully submerged in that world. It's hectic, crazy, inspiring, exhausting, cut throat...but most of all, wonderful. Having had a taste for Events and PR, gave me the desire to further pursue PR jobs in like industries - such as interior design and beauty. 


Once I discovered the world of beauty, I was hooked! At my first job in the Beauty Industry, I had an amazing boss - more like a mentor actually. She cheered me on, strove to curate my skills, and sat with me one-on-one to share her endless knowledge - she did so, patiently, I might add. While working for her, I grew immensely; so much so, I decided to make a transition to a local, in-house role, at a quaint, yet global skincare company. It was the right career move, as I was in charge of  PR, Social, and Events, internationally. The knowledge, experience, and networking were invaluable. 


Three years ago, I decided to shake things up - in doing so, I ventured off into the unknown world of tech. I learned and acquired new skills that are very handy in the tech-centric world we live in today.


The catch - after leaving both beauty and fashion, I had a constant itch to get back into the industry. So, I pulled the trigger, and started STYLEE LYST. My goal is to inspire women to live their best life at every price point. 


Cheers to this next chapter, I can't wait to see what comes to fruition!


For PR, Business + Collaboration inquiries, please email ashleyvictoria@styleelyst.com


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