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Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Bobby and I have been looking for fun, socially distant summer activities. When I learned about Jones Family Farms strawberry picking, it fit the bill.

Their PICK YOUR OWN STRAWBERRIES experience is super affordable and great for kiddos too! A basket (pictured) is $14 and a big box is $34. You can also bundle and save. If you purchase 3 baskets it's only $34 (20% off), and if you purchase 4 or more it's $38 (33% off).

For those that may be wary about going out and about, they are following social distancing procedures, as well as enforcing mask use when entering, exiting, walking through farm.

Psst. We will be heading back in a few weeks for blueberry season. Yes, they also have BLUEBERRY PICKING. I am in love with this place.


Other activities that Jones Family Farms offers

Nestled in the beautiful White Hills of Shelton, Connecticut, lies one of the state's premier wineries. With an experienced 6th generation farmer working the land, combine to make Jones Winery a true treasure for guests to cherish and enjoy.

The Harvest Kitchen is a Farm-to-Table Cooking Studio that features farm-style cooking classes, wine and food pairing classes, as well as farm education programs. The philosophy of the Harvest Kitchen is that meals featuring local and seasonal ingredients are not only delicious, but exceptionally healthy and environmentally sustainable too.

In addition to berry picking, Jones Family Farm also has pumpkin picking, as well as their Christmas tree shop during the holidays.

In the Fall they celebrate harvest season at Pumpkin seed Hill Farm. Bright orange pumpkins lie nestled amongst hay and green vines, ready to be harvested and carried home. Their Market Yard features farm animals, hayrides, corn maze, fall flowers, fresh apples and piles of autumn squash.

For over sixty years, families have been harvesting Christmas trees at Jones Family Farms. Guests are invited to hike the 200 acres of Christmas trees to harvest their own or to visit their Homestead Barnyard filled with fresh-cut trees.

Jones Family Farms, nestled in the White Hills of Shelton, with its 19th century dairy barn and homestead farmhouse, impresses the visitor as a peaceful and relaxed living environment. The beautiful countryside with its orderly rows of Christmas trees, neat stonewalls, and well-maintained fields are the result of efforts by seven generations of Jones family farmers.




Another perk about the experience?! They had a table full of take-home recipe flyers on how to incorporate your strawberries into meals, desserts, smoothies and so much more. We loved this as there are several recipes that we found that we can eat right now. We are both currently doing Arbonne's 30 Days To Healthy Living and we are limited as to what types of food we are allowed.

The STRAWBERRY + KALE PASTA SALAD is gluten and dairy-free, all while being simply delicious!


4 Cups of Brown Rice Pasta // Cooked + Cooled

2 Cups of Strawberries // Quartered

2 Cups of Tuscan Kale // Sliced in Thin Ribbons

1/2 Large Lemon // Juiced

1 Tbs. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Grilled Chicken

Lemon Zest

Coarse Salt // To Taste

I also added a Dash of Balsamic Vinegar, a Dash of Garlic Powder and a Dash of Cracked Black Pepper.***




*DISCLAIMER* This is NOT sponsored content. My feelings, recommendations and styles are all my own.



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Jun 28, 2020

These ideas all sound terrific!!! We’re such suckers for cooking classes 👍🏼 And strawberries!!

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