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Updated: May 22, 2020

I am currently obsessing over LUZERN'S Swiss, toxin-free and nutrient rich product line. This #CleanBeauty regimen blew me away. I was expecting to like it, but not expecting to love the products as much as I do. #Ad

Chemical irritants and toxins found in much of today’s skin care can trigger inflammation that increases skin sensitivity and even accelerate the visible signs of aging. #LUZERN set out right from the beginning to change all this; formulating products without toxins, irritants and unnecessary additives yet still deliver exceptionally high levels of beneficial active ingredients.

They also stand apart with their Organic Farming, Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Packaging, Bio-Suisse Certified Organic Actives, Standardized Cosmeceutical Actives, Cold Formulations in Small Batches and last but certainly not least, the fact that they are Swiss Alpine Water Processed.

LUZERN is truly the standard for CLEAN BEAUTY // they are FREE from all of the below -



Benzoyl Peroxide


Propylene Glycol/PEGs


Mineral Oils/ Petrolatum/ Denatured Alcohol

Synthetic Colors, Dyes, and Fragrances

Formaldehyde/Formaldehyde Releasing Ingredients



Chemical Sunscreens


Overall, every single product pictured blew me away. The efficacy and quality are truly unparalleled. Yes, the price is steep, but their skincare works. If you are hesitant, try one product out before diving in with the entire line.




*DISCLAIMER* This is sponsored content. However, my feelings, recommendations and styles are all my own.

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1 Comment

Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith
Jul 05, 2021

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