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Updated: May 22, 2020

If you've been following along for a while now, you know I love me some beauty - skincare and makeup alike. I am a proud Sephora ROUGE member, and you bet your cute booty I am shopping the sale.


Beauties that spend $1K+ annually, have early sale access from Monday, August 19th - Tuesday, August 27th. They also get to enjoy 20% off! CODE: SUMMERSAVE


Beauties that spend $350+ annually, have sale access from Tuesday, August 20th - Tuesday, August 27th. VIB will receive 15% off their purchase(s). CODE: SUMMERSAVE

SEPHORA sales are the best time to stock up on tried and true staples, as well as products that you have wanted to try, but hesitant to splurge on. Below are some of my favorites that I highly recommend. x




This sheer, dusty rose lippy is my everyday go-to. It adds just the right pop of pigment and sheen, in a universally flattering shade. Vitamin E gives this creamy formula a balmy texture.


I apply as a base in conjunction with other glosses and sticks (as it is so hydrating), or wear solo at the office, gym and running errands

Years ago I was on Retin-A for hormonal acne and closed comedones - while it helped, it made my skin sensitive to sun exposure - plus, my skin was not bad enough to justify continued usage. Fast forward to last year, I wanted to incorporate a retinol into my skincare regimen, again, this time for wrinkle prevention. I didn't want a prescription strength, so I did some research. I stumbled across Deciem - The Ordinary’s parent company - the rest is history. Once you try this product, you’ll be hooked. It not only smooths skin texture, eradicates scarring and clears pores - it takes years off your overall appearance, all without irritation and dryness. And the price, please - it's a steal! GET this stuff! Trust.


NIGHT - Press into dry, cleansed skin, daily - follow-up with Aloe Vera Calming Gel

My Nana introduced me to this eyeliner when I was a freshman in High School - 14 years later, I’m still using it. Clearly Nana knows best. This liner lasts for MONTHS and goes on clean, allowing your application to be dramatic or minimalist, depending on your mood or occasion. I use shade ‘CHOCOLATE’, as it’s not as stark as black and compliments my brown eyes/blonde hair.


If your liner is starting to get dry, add drop of purified water and shake. This should get you an extra month. Voila!


Weekends + Evenings

This wonder of a ‘water-formula’ turns into a cooling gel, upon contact. It's a cult favorite for a reason - it clears pores while mattifyning skin - both of which I NEED. When I’m experiencing a breakout, I will apply this under my aloe vera - prior to makeup application - or, at night.


If you apply at night, don’t use in conjunction with a retinol or acid, as it may irritate your skin.


DAY - Under Rose Water, Aloe Vera + Foundation | NIGHT - Under Aloe Vera

This powder is a savior - I use it daily to keep my oil-prone skin at bay. A little goes a long way and this pot lasts for-ev-er! I recommend stocking up on a few of them while they are on sale.


I use this under (after moisturizer) and again on top of my foundation to help block oil from making an appearance.


DAY + NIGHT (if applicable) - Over both moisturizer and foundation.*

I love this heated brush for travel. It allows me to forgo packing and using a blow dryer all together. I simply air dry and if I desire a polished look, swipe this bad boy through my locks a few time. Voila! Shiny, straight strands.


Use while traveling or on hectic mornings at home. Refinement made easy.

Tarte's formula glides onto lashes, sans stickiness, giving you 330% more volume. To boot, a tube can last for months, before becoming flaky - and it's 100% vegan!

The volume this mascara gives my fine lashes is what keeps me coming back for more. I must admit, I do have naturally long lashes - so, I am a little ahead of the game - but, this mascara really does work wonders. The brush perfectly fans lashes, as the formula boosts shaft width, and the pigment lengthens from root-to- tip.

*Although this is not a lengthening formula, I still feel it adds the appearance of length, as it thickens and darkens the thin, light ends of lashes - giving you sky-high dramatization!*

This holy grail foundation is oil free and nourishes skin. Coconut Water replenishes skin's moisture levels, Alpine Rose boost skin's resilience to the elements, a

nd Hyaluronic Acid smooths and blurs imperfections - for younger, firmer skin. This honestly should be called a 'photo-finish' foundation - it's simply that good.


Errands - 1 Coat | Work/Day Activities - 1 Coat | Night Out - 2 Coats

These are my new favorite friends. My under eye area is smooth, de-puffed, brightened and more supple, post treatment. I like to indulge right before a big event.


Use the night before an event, rather than the morning of. Leaving the serum on your skin overnight gives it more time for your skin to soak it up and for the formula to reverse signs of aging.


NIGHT - Prior to a Big Event


Alright folks, that's it. I know, I didn't highlight much. I really wanted to just bring to you some of my favorites - products that I truly would/have picked up or already own. Hopefully you enjoyed this post.

If you have any questions or need help finding any other items, please leave a comment below. x




*DISCLAIMER* This is NOT sponsored content. My feelings, recommendations and opinions are all my own.

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