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  • Ashley Victoria


When my fiancé and I first started dating, I would lug a massive suitcase around on every, single, trip - literally. Even when it was just a weekend getaway. Now, after years of dating - 5 to be exact - I have become a lot more low-key. I now only need a carry-on and a tote, *but*, it needs to be a functional, and roomy one at that, because lets be real, this girl still shoves a ton of sh*t in her bag - necessary or not.

When it comes to Ricardo, I find that their suitcases are both well made and stylish. To boot, they are competitively priced. Similar models from other brands will cost you a lot more. So you can imagine my excitement when Ricardo said that they wanted to send me a bag of my choosing to try out. I had already owned a bag from Ricardo - I have been a fan for many years - my current bag is a hard case, so I opted for a hybrid bag with both hard and soft surfaces.

Continue reading below to see which bag I chose, how I styled it and my highlights! x

'We are a travel lifestyle company on a mission to inspire people to explore the world. Every day and in every way, we work hard to ensure we bring joy to the traveling experience. Our company name - Ricardo Beverly Hills - is forever linked to the West Coast lifestyle— a state of mind for travel and exploration. We’re motivated by creativity, captivated by the spirit of the West Coast, and obsessed with quality.'




From the color to the functionality, this suitcase truly is a win-win. It's a hybrid between a hard and soft case, allowing it to be versatile, yet durable. I loved the external zip compartments, for easy access to essentials, while traveling. My personal favorite has to be the USB charging capability. As a blogger, and a Creative Director, I am always on my phone. Being able to have a full charge - at all times - is a must. So thank you Ricardo for creating this gem of a bag! Fan for life. x

They also sent me this Stephanie Johnson TSA approved clear cosmetic case. It's chic composition, iridescent glimmer and gold hardware, make it a staple in my book. I was able to pack all of my toiletries - a.k.a. liquids - perfectly. This case fits more than you would think!





*DISCLAIMER* This is sponsored content, however, my feelings, recommendations and styles are all my own.

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