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  • Ashley Victoria


Do the bright lights, fancy packaging, and false promises of most beauty stores leave you in a vicious cycle of happily purchasing, and then enduring the empty pit of buyer's remorse? Fret not, I've got you covered! I have been a beauty feen since I could remember. My Mom and I used to spend hours at Sephora and CVS, loading up on the latest innovative goops and glosses. I then took that passion to the next level, as an adult, by working in the beauty industry. So, I know a little bit more than your average Jane, if I do say so myself.

I have been meaning to do a post on some of my #HolyGrail products for quite some time now. These are tried and true staples, I never plan on forgoing, that I incorporate into my beauty routine on a daily and/or weekly basis.

Monogrammed Acrylic Tray, Mark & Graham




This sheer, dusty rose lippy is my everyday go-to. It adds just the right pop of pigment and sheen, in a universally flattering shade. Vitamin E gives this creamy formula a balmy texture.


I apply as a base in conjunction with other glosses and sticks (as it is so hydrating), or wear solo at the office, gym and running errands

Believe it or not, I don't use creams - at all! I know, pretty crazy stuff. I discovered this wonder when I got 2nd degree burns in Laguna Beach - a local derm recommended it, and I haven't looked back. It speeds the healing process of breakouts and acne scarring, all while soothing and alleviating any agitation or dryness your skin may be experiencing. It also tempers my oily skin, without clogging my pores - which is a win-win.


DAY - Use as a primer over Rose Water + under foundation | NIGHT - Use as a moisturizer of retinol

Years ago I was on Retin-A for hormonal acne and closed comedones - while it helped, it made my skin sensitive to sun exposure - plus, my skin was not bad enough to justify continued usage. Fast forward to last year, I wanted to incorporate a retinol into my skincare regimen, again, this time for wrinkle prevention. I didn't want a prescription strength, so I did some research. I stumbled across Deciem - The Ordinary’s parent company - the rest is history. Once you try this product, you’ll be hooked. It not only smooths skin texture, eradicates scarring and clears pores - it takes years off your overall appearance, all without irritation and dryness. And the price, please - it's a steal! GET this stuff! Trust.


NIGHT - Press into dry, cleansed skin, daily - follow-up with Aloe Vera Calming Gel

My Nana introduced me to this eyeliner when I was a freshman in High School - 14 years later, I’m still using it. Clearly Nana knows best. This liner lasts for MONTHS and goes on clean, allowing your application to be dramatic or minimalist, depending on your mood or occasion. I use shade ‘CHOCOLATE’, as it’s not as stark as black and compliments my brown eyes/blonde hair.


If your liner is starting to get dry, add drop of purified water and shake. This should get you an extra month. Voila!


Weekends + Evenings

This wonder of a ‘water-formula’ turns into a cooling gel, upon contact. It's a cult favorit e for a reason - it clears pores while mattifyning skin - both of which I NEED. When I’m experiencing a breakout, I will apply this under my aloe vera - prior to makeup application - or, at night.


If you apply at night, don’t use in conjunction with a retinol or acid, as it may irritate your skin.


DAY - Under Rose Water, Aloe Vera + Foundation | NIGHT - Under Aloe Vera




*DISCLAIMER* This post is not sponsored in any way. These are my own opinions and usage suggestions.


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