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  • Ashley Victoria


Blondes, are you sick and tired of leaving the salon with perfectly toned locks that turn to brass? Same.

I have been searching high and low *price points* for the perfect purple shampoo - one that will actually do what it promises without turning my hair to straw - and, I have finally found it! Drybar's Blond Ale Brightening Shampoo + Conditioner Duo. This dream team banishes brass and tames pesky undertones. The best part? I always feel like I got a salon-worthy conditioning treatment, after using.

Lemon extract brightens and counteracts brassiness, while keeping your hair's color and health intact. Chamomile delicately tones and enhances shine, as Keratin, a strengthening protein, reinforces the structural integrity of strands, while it softens and safeguards your locks from future damage.

*Both formulas are sans - parabens, sulfates and phthalates.*


I tend to use Blond Ale Brightening Shampoo once or twice a week. Make sure you the leave the shampoo on at least 5 minutes, that way it can penetrate the shafts to full-fill your expectations. You really wont need to use the shampoo more than twice a week, as it is extremely effective at reversing brass in as little as one use. Additionally, it is pricey enough to skip daily-use on long locks, like mine.

As for the Blonde Ale Brightening Conditioner, I use this holy grail daily - no other daily-use conditioner comes close. This wonder not only smooths, detangles, hydrates, tones and boosts shine - it makes my hair 10X more manageable without weighing me down.

Vibrant, toned tresses are now attainable between salon visits! You're welcome. ;)


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Dry Bar Blonde Ale Brightening Shampoo, SEPHORA | Dry Bar Blonde Ale Brightening Conditioner, SEPHORA

* Excuse the fizziness of my hair in both shots - it was about 90 degrees out with 99.9% humidity. If I wasn't using Drybar products, my hair would have been much, much worse. *

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