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Partial Balayage + Glaze with Olaplex, Jul Salon | Nicole Marie | Instagram @xobeautybynicole

Hair trends come and go as quickly as the seasons, however, balayage seems to be here to stay - thank goodness! Why is this trend transcending the rest? Simple - it allows women to grow and maintain healthier hair, with fewer salon visits. Saving your strands and money.

With balayage, pieces are painted - your hairdresser can adorn thick or dainty sections, depending on your request. The best part? The regrowth is natural do to graduated strokes vs. foils, that all start at the same point of your part. This allows you to get more bang for your buck and have the hair of your dreams, as you will only need to go in 2-3 times per year, compared to the usual 4-6. Less processing = less breakage and longer locks!!

I have been getting my hair done since I was 11 - yes, I know, a little excessive - but, in those years, I have picked up quite a few do's and don't's.


If you don't have grays to cover and your natural is not too far off from the color you'll be adding, ALWAYS do a partial! This will keep your hair thicker, as the under will be virgin, unprocessed hair - adding dimension. To boot, the service will cost less and the time in the salon chair chopped in half. *Pun intended*


When getting your hair done, whether it's balayage, highlights, low-lights or full color, be sure to add a glaze! Glazes help achieve proper tone, in addition to improving overall texture - all while casting a glimmering shine.


Listen up, ladies, as this one will really save your locks! Most salons - the good ones - have this as an add-on. If you skimp on this, you'll be sorry! Since incorporating Olaplex into my hair-care, two years ago, I have been able to gradually go lighter than ever before, sans breakage!

There are three Olaplex products, and three steps that must be taken -

No. 1 - Bond Multiplier

This step is mixed in with you color or bleach, to begin rebuilding your strands.

No. 2 - Bond Perfecter

This step is done after the color has been rinsed and the client has been shampooed. Leave on for 5-10 minutes. This restores any pesky bonds that are still broken, while infusing hair with shine and resilience.

No. 3 - Hair Perfecter

This is the at home take-away product - acting as deep nourishing mask, to continue protection and prevention from damage, in the comfort of your own home, between visits.


Olaplex Hair Perfecter No. 3, SEPHORA


Beautiful color is only as good as the strands it saturates. Make sure to book a trim or cut, every 6-8 weeks for optimal health, body and movement.


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