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  • Ashley Victoria


I partnered with The Beauty Spy and HSN to bring you the best and latest in beauty from South Korea!

An array of products were gifted to me - everything from hair treatments to sheet masks, all of which are ahh-mazing. My favorites, made it to this post, so you can enjoy them too.

If you like any of the products you read about, and want to try them for yourself, use

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This liquid hair treatment is like no other. It feels like water, yet still ultra-moisturizes hair, while penetrating shafts with it's SR- 21 COMPLEX. This proprietary formula contains 3 types of Keratin and 17 Amino Acids! Results are flawless.

My hair was stronger, shinier, and more manageable - all without compromising volume. If your hair is over-processed, fried, frizzy or just down right dehydrated, this is the solution for you. I promise, you won't regret it.


Twice a Week | You Could Use as Frequently as Desired*

*Shake product in the palm of your hand and distribute root to tip - for oilier hair types, only apply to ends*

If you like Biore strips or the infamous Black Mask, and suffer from clogged pores or stubborn blackheads, this will be your holy grail. Pore Tight is formulated with chondrus crispus extract, a species of red marine algae, that allows it to be gentle, yet effective enough to eradicate stubborn debris, oil and gunk.

My skin feels fresh and clean after, sans tightness. I also noticed my makeup application goes on smoother, leaving my skin looking poreless. Bonus - it's shaving cream esque consistency makes it easy and fun to apply.


Once a Week | You Could Use as Frequently as Desired*

*After peeling product off, be sure to rinse skin thoroughly with water*

This refinishing serum is a dream for uneven, dry skin. Formulated with 9 botanical and marine extracts, including red and brown algae, that work in sync to impart moisture, while improving texture. You're left with supple, smooth skin.

I truly saw a difference after the first use. Again, as with the Neogen's Pore Tight Mousse, the serum leaves you with a refined canvas - cosmetics glide on like a dream. Poreless perfection.


Once a Week When My Skin is in Need of TLC OR to Prep My Skin For Special Occasions

*A little goes a long way - no need to use more than a dime size droplet*


Out of all the products sent to me, this is my all-time favorite! After just one use, I ditched my old cleanser for this bad boy - and, I am not sure if I'll ever look back. The rice protein powder cleansing granules are formulated with licorice root, corn starch, willow bark extract and papaya extract to exfoliate skin, while imparting hydration. Skin is not and does not, feel stripped. This is one of the few exfoliating cleaners that I have used where my skin feels cleansed, yet moisturized at the same time. My skin in glowing. To boot, NO parabens, sulfates or preservatives - AND, the powder formulation makes it easy to travel with.

Do I need to say more?

This is a MUST HAVE product for any age and/or skin type!


Morning and Night

*Pour granules into palm hand and activate with water. Rub in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly*

This brow gel is a go-to for days when I am running around doing errands, and need a time-efficient, breezy application. The ergonomical brush-and-sponge tip, help to shape and define brows, in one-to-two swipes - allowing anyone to have the brows of their dreams, without needing the skills to leverage brow powders, gels and pencils - which, lets be honest, can be tricky.

The best part - once the formula sets, it's smudge proof, and the sponge tip allows users to get hard to reach angles for fabulously defined arches.


Depends On Makeup Application/Time Allotted To Get Ready

*Swipe on for tamed, pigmented brows - Shade 'Medium Brown' pictured*

This medium to full coverage, buildable foundation is formulated with honey extract, orange oil, lavender oil, bergamot fruit oil and geranium oil to impart a dewy, luminous finish - all while hiding imperfections in skins elasticity and texture.

Chosungah's fresh mix technology allows you to custom formulate the amount of signature Honey Volumer Serum and foundation, prior to each application. Putting you in control of coverage consistency, in addition to yielding fresh, potent ingredients, every time.

This foundation is part skincare, making it the perfect solution for women who want an all-in-one product that's easy-to-use and grants fast, beautiful results.


Use in The Winter Months - When I Need Hydration

*Twist jar to release serum and foundation - dab with Beauty Blender or applicator of your choice*

*DISCLAIMER* The products in this post were gifted to me; however, these are my own thoughts, opinions and usage suggestions.


Be sure to use my CODE STYLEELYST20 for 20% OFF


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