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Is anyone else obsessed with beauty products? If so, this is your week - SEPHORA's Beauty Insider Appreciation Sale is going on NOW for VIB Rouge, and starts the 30th for everyone else!


Beauties that spend $1K+ annually, have early sale access from Friday, August 24th - Monday, September 3rd.They also get to enjoy 20% off! CODE: YESROUGE


Beauties that spend $350+ annually, have sale access from Thursday, August 30th - Monday, September 3rd. VIB will receive 15% off their purchase(s). CODE: YESVIB


This membership is FREE and available for anyone who signs up. Insider's have access from Thursday, August 30th - Monday, August 3rd, and will receive 10% off their purchase(s). CODE: YESINSIDER




When it comes to beauty, these are the top questions I am regularly asked - 'What skincare/foundation do you use?', 'How does your hair grow that long, even though you style/color it?', 'Are your lashes real?'

- so, I decided to shop the SEPHORA sale accordingly, for a few of my favorite skin, hair and lash products!


Smooth skin has not always been my forte. When I was 21 I began to get breakouts here and there, so my derm put me on antibiotics and Retin-A - the combo was a holy grail, however, I couldn't stay on meds forever. At 24, I went cold turkey and set out to find a combo of skin, vitamin and makeup products that would give me the results I desired. Now, at 28, and after a lot of trial and error, I have a killer arsenal to combat hormonal outbreaks, as well as keep my skin dewy, poreless, and youthful.

To start, the Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask is ahhh-mazing - seriously though. I use this bad boy at least twice a week when my skin is either parched, and in need of some TLC or I have a stubborn pimple(s). Pop some on after cleansing in the evening, and I wake up to a supple, clear complexion - always.

Once you have a clear canvas, you don't want to gunk it up with product that will clog your pores or irritate your skin. Born This Way Foundation is oil free and nourishes skin. Coconut Water replenishes skin's moisture levels, Alpine Rose boost skin's resilience to the elements, and Hyaluronic Acid smooths and blurs imperfections - for younger, firmer skin. This honestly should be called a 'photo-finish' foundation - it's simply that good.


Errands - 1 Coat | Work/Day Activities - 1 Coat | Night Out - 2 Coats

*For those looking for a heavy foundation, this would not be you're go-to. This formula is build-able, and does cover imperfections; however, it is still somewhat sheer.*


I wrote about this one, once before, and I stand firm on the fact that it's my holy grail hair product from SEPHORA. Hair Perfector No. 3 not only heals damaged strands by relinking bonds, it protects them from future damage, all as it makes hair soft as silk. I mean, does it get any better? I use this nourishing mask once a week - sometimes every two weeks, as the bottle is rather small, and I have a lot of hair.

*Be sure to rinse thoroughly and still use your daily conditioner, after - this is not a conditioning treatment.*


I get, 'Are your lashes real?', at least once a week - so, sharing my must-have mascara in this post, is a necessity. Years ago, in college, I was a major Diorshow fan - then, in my early twenties, my Mom introduced me to LCL, and changed my lash game for the better! Tarte's formula glides onto lashes, sans stickiness, giving you 330% more volume. To boot, a tube can last for months, before becoming flaky - and it's 100% vegan!

The volume this mascara gives my fine lashes is what keeps me coming back for more. I must admit, I do have naturally long lashes - so, I am a little ahead of the game - but, this mascara really does work wonders. The brush perfectly fans lashes, as the formula boosts shaft width, and the pigment lengthens from root-to- tip.

*Although this is not a lengthening formula, I still feel it adds the appearance of length, as it thickens and darkens the thin, light ends of lashes - giving you sky-high dramatization!*


Errands - 1 Coat | Work/Day Activities - 2 Coats | Night Out - 3 Coats


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Be sure to shop my OUTFIT, below!



Earrings, Lulus, *Discontinued* | Tortoise Sunnies, Banana Republic | Wrap Top, J Crew | Sterling Bangle, Tiffany & Co. | High-Waisted Skinnies, AG Jeans | Camilla Artisan Bag, Poppy + Sage | Wedges, ZARA

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